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WIPpet Wednesday - Tease

Wedding, 1 holiday, and 2 birthdays down, but the craziness continues around here. Today is Artist’s birthday and we have the biggest plans ever for celebrating. 622 more words



They arrived at a brightly lit, mismatched station. Millie ignored the hushed whimpering of her fellow passengers as the train came to a stop. She clambered up onto one of the seats to get a better look.

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Amsterdam, Mushrooms, and Jesus too.

Stepping into The Royalty was like going into down-town Bangkok. It was full of Thai women, pimps and old ravers left over from the nineties. The music was Asian High-Tec Disco House and slapped me round the face as I entered the bar. 1,868 more words

Short Stories


The train eased into the station on silent tracks and Aidan looked up to watch the doors slide open. A crowd had gathered along the length of the platform, their silent figures bent solemn against the shadows.

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WIPpet Wednesday - Glimmer

And the craziness has officially begun. Apologies in advance if I don’t make it around to everyone. Many thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

Math = 2nd digit of date = 4 paragraphs… 330 more words



HAPPY SUMMER!  Thanks so much for sticking around despite my frequent lapses in posting content.


Mrs. Roweneau placed a warm plate of waffles in front of Rowe and Sam and set down two glasses of orange juice. 83 more words

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WIPpet Wednesday - Candy

Welcome back. :-) Things are getting a little crazy around here. My stepsister’s wedding, four birthdays, Father’s Day, and Independence Day are all crammed into a three week period so we’re getting geared up for all that fun stuff. 576 more words