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It's Just A Fiery Ball of Metal!

Sometimes it’s not good to be first. The ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras certainly found that to be true, after he was charged with impiety for teaching that the heavenly bodies were rocky balls whirling in the ether, fiery (and visible) because of their rapid rotation. 699 more words



O. Xander aka Dj Rei Ayanami, just released this new track ‘PLEASURE & PRESSURE ‘.

We liked its dualism, how the atmospheric steaminess  and the rhythmic charge are  antagonistically converging ..


An over due hello & picture news

Hi :-)

It’s been awhile, I apologise.

Thought I’d let you know though that some of my images are going to be featured in a small magazine :-D… 31 more words

Présentation 😛

Salut les petits choux :)

Je crois que pour bien commencer se blog un présentation s’impose !

Alors déjà commençons par la base, cette personne sans qui se blog n’aurait pas de sens, puisque sans elle je n’aurais probablement rien à vous racontez … (tu le sens le suspense la ?!) 156 more words


Bipolar mix - rocktea

A disorder mix associated with mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs..


Review: Call Super - Fluenka's Shelf (Nous)

Currently munching its way through the same platter of kudos and chips that Mood Hut were enjoying a year or so ago, Greek Label Nous have come a hell of a long way very quickly on the back of a series of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them releases that some cynics might suggest owes as much to the relative scarcity of the pressing runs as it does to the quality of the music within. 504 more words