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New reasons to take notes by hand!

Just saw this in my news feed today. Here’s a good bit of information that may help you decide if technology is your best bet–and how you might be more effective in taking notes!


Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is Employee Appreciation Day! Organizations and leaders are nothing without their staff. In essence, employees are the organization. So, as leaders, what can you do to show your employees how much they really mean to you? 182 more words


Half Marathon Fundraising

So I’m running the half-marathon next week. Those who know me, will also know that I’m really bad at it. But after 2 months of intensive training, I have transformed myself into a runner (kind of). 172 more words


The Church that belongs to Christ

The Church is only that which is taken out of Christ; anything that doesn’t come out of Christ is not the Church. The Church is the body, family, and dwelling that I live in. 245 more words


What is meant by 'Holism'

‘Holism’ is the new approach to spirituality that integrates and transcends the usual polarity of religion versus atheism. It could be described as a third way, paralleling a similar emergence in the world of politics. 352 more words


재미로 보는 열두 띠 이야기.

*Dari buku 살아있는 한국어 (속담)

쥐띠 (Shio Tikus)

1972년: 일을 해결하는 능력이 뛰어나고 애교가 많다. (일:pekerjaan/urusan/masalah, 해결하다:menyelesaikan/mengatasi, 능력:kemampuan, 뛰어나다:excellent/outstanding , ~고:dan, 애교:attractiveness/charming/intense childish cuteness, 많다:banyak) 175 more words