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Happy birthday sweet Denise. 

So the month is coming to an end, and all the ups and down should also end with this chapter.

I have faced this month with extreme of sadness, and joy. 244 more words

Random Thoughts


It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Pain will pass, so are happiness, live light and cheer up.

The best is yet to come.


1 week

1 week since it ended, 1 week away from original dream holiday but it’s not existing anymore. Time really flies without wings.


A Plan

“She’d always had a plan. It seemed like the smart thing to do—have a plan and follow it, until you have solid reasons to change course.” -Landline, Rainbow Rowell

Catatan Kecil

Is it autumn again?

Hello my lurking lurkers, how is life? I can’t sleep so I figured to nag a bit in here…

I’ve been using Bitmoji some since a few days, the sister app by Bitstrips. 386 more words


Left alone with only your thoughts . . .

When someone who is grieving has a lot to keep them busy, it helps them to forget what is really going on. But when they’re lonely, it leaves them to think of nothing but those things. 33 more words