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some things in life

we should
that there are
some things
we meet
in life
we will never

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More Difficult?

24 April 2015, TV = 1145.7 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1147 hours, total class time = 2085 hours

The thing that strikes me about สามีตีตรา (samee tee tra) — I’m watching last year’s version, though what I had really wanted was to rewatch the 2001 version, but… 69 more words

Thai Language


I’ve never felt so unwanted in my own home by someone who is supposed to love me as their own. Since I found out I had food allergies about 5 months back, a lot of stuff in the house has changed, like cooking and what to buy. 248 more words

ร่ายริษยา Rai Risaya

7 February 2015, TV = 1075.7 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1069 hours, total class time = 2007 hours

Scene from early on in ร่ายริษยา (rai risaya), as the story — along with the protagonists’ romance —  is just getting started; a scene I had wanted to come back to because it’s got a lot of vocab that flies right over my head: 167 more words

Thai Language

Is it rude sorry your reaction is rude to and you are not sorry

Is it rude sorry your reaction is rude to and you are not sorry you don’t even think about the other side

When my tics are going constantly you tell me it’s disruptive and rude and so much more telling me to go away because you don’t want to hear them or tell me to hold them back or do something else. 391 more words

Tics Disorder (Tourette's)

cant communicate

teachers are always saying come in over lunch for extra help I find asking for it hard I don’t know what I am doing and I cant explain what I need help on mainly its the weird terms they use in the subjects witch make it hard to get it and they teaching a concept too fast knowing me I overthink it ether that or forget it. 509 more words

Social Difficulties

A lot of things I just don’t understand

I don’t get why mom and Sean get mad at me to me its random you never know when it’s going to happen any they say they walk on egg shells parentally there is no eggs involved and if you step on any shell it’s going to brake unless you sweep them up then you have no problem. 273 more words

Social Difficulties