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I want to be a muse,

I want someone to write about me.

Put me into poetry

Write me in your dreams.

Make me so magical, … 122 more words

Marriage? But I’m only 22

A month ago, my regular driver asked if I was married and I told him I’m only 22. He said that this is the best time to be getting married because as a couple you can enjoy things together. 516 more words

Stephanie Marthinus

في هذه الدنيا كلنا سيلتقي بشخص لا تنساه الذاكرة
و العجيب أنه لن يكون لنا
ستعجب به .. ستكون به جميع المواصفات التي قد نقشها قلبك لعقلك
سيكون أنت في مكان آخر
ستعيش معه حياة مختلفة .. لن تقدر أن تقترب و لا أن تبتعد
هو مرة حبيبا و مرة صديقا و مرة أخرى غريبا
و تمضي الأيام .. تتمنى أن تجد سببا لتكرهه .. و لن تجد
تخشى التعلّق به .. و أنت فعلت حقا
أحيانا ستظنه لك ..
لكنك ستقبض على روحك بتنهيدة صامتة و تهمس
هو ليس لي



This morning, I called the company where I would go for an interview today. Before, I was not far from a panic attack. I felt so weird, and somehow I couldn’t even see sharp. 250 more words

Stories Of The Soul

Review: Transformation (Rai-Kirah #1)

Rating: ★ ★ ½ ☆ ☆
Date Read: January 20 to 23, 2015
Read Count: 1
Recommended by: no one, just something I’d been meaning to read for awhile… 1,449 more words

Book Reviews

Title: Take Me Home
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Source: Library
Rating: Not for Me (3 out of 5)

After spending the night with the man of her dreams (Alex), Inary wakes up to the news that her sister, Emily, is dying. 356 more words


They are fucking every where. I think the world is infested with the little things.

Every time I turn around it feels like someone else I know is having a baby or is pregnant or has a little kid running around their house screaming and I can’t get away from it! 301 more words

Hope's Commentary