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Driving my car, listening to the radio as usual… Nothing new, nothing special about the day so far… But the weather was perfect, the sun shining with a cool breeze… I have my windows rolled all the way down, feeling the wind blowing through my hair… When suddenly the radio started playing a song, so familiar to me that I start singing as soon as the first music note is played… I know the words by heart like I know exactly what the taste of an Oreo cookie is like… I wouldn’t mistake it for anything else in the world… 466 more words


Why I Fell In Love With Anime and Why I Grew To Hate It - Part 3

This is the third part in an ongoing retrospective of my experiences with anime. Make sure you’ve read from the beginning!


One Saturday night during my sophomore year of high school, I went to play laser tag with some friends. 4,457 more words


Week 3 : Essence Of Reminiscence - Siblings & Childhood Friends

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Am so sorry I couldn’t follow all the responses for Essence Of Reminiscence last week. I will read the rest of all of your responses and make the… 382 more words

Essence Of Reminiscence

Ronald Reagan's first Super Weapon.

Before Ronald Reagan proposed the controversial Star Wars Weapons Program he had already set about destroying Americans many years before with the help of Chesterfield Cigarettes.