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Reasons Why Real Estate is Important Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is straddled between the border of California and Nevada in the USA, and it is one among the largest, clearest and deepest freshwater lakes across the world. 21 more words

Lake Tahoe

Anvil Island

There are few words that can describe how beautiful this country is.

The moment your mind goes blank and the photographer in you basks in the moment of glory where you know you’ve found your shot. 18 more words



My Geography (working title) is a book. I am writing. It will dominate my life for the rest of 2015. I’ll write this book as I traverse that very big geographic event called Eurasia, from Norway’s Atlantic Coast to Korea’s Pacific Peninsula. 459 more words


Colorful Street Art in Montreal

“Life is a great big canvas,

throw all the paint you can on it.”

Danny Kaye

I believe it is no longer a secret and you sure know by now that I am simply obsessed with… 180 more words


The Yellow School Bus

( I want to put a disclaimer before you read the rest of this post, contrary to popular belief not all Africans live in abject poverty and ignorance. 783 more words


Real Stories from Toronto #2,768,332 - Multiculturalism: First World

“One of our customers is a senator.”

Oh, like in the Philippines?

“No.  Here.”

A Filipino senator in Canada?  Are they rich?


Oh.  That’s kind of weird. 55 more words


Castle Peak

I had the best day today. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, so today I decided to do Castle Peak. I did this once in the summer and forgot my camera, and I forgot it again this time! 246 more words