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Normandy Tiger

I have not painted up any German armour for a long while
so on finding a Battlefront Tiger 1 E early still in my
large box of things I have never got round to painting it was game on. 363 more words


Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

I can’t tell you the first time I saw an image of Mont Saint Michel but what I can tell you is that I knew I would one day have to visit there.   528 more words


Mind your language

In my interactions with the French so far, I have come across two types of people when I attempt to speak to them in their native tongue: Those who think Je parle Francais tres bien—I speak French very well—and therefore converse with me freely as if I understand every word they’re saying. 1,917 more words

Travel Faves

Along the coast to Honfleur

The day started hot and humid and the moment Rachael headed out for a run it became very humid indeed, thunderstorm wet!

Me being sensible (read lazy) protected our bags from the safety of bed! 706 more words


Picnic at the Chateau

Husband à l’etranger had barely stepped of the plane, nor had a moment to sleep off the ‘decalage horaire’ (jet-lag) before I whisked him off to our lovely friends for an… 598 more words


Next Night - Les Perles, Averton

Plenty of options to park at this spot.

We started out at the more obvious Aire part, where the 2.50 Euro vidange/bourne etc was, but a kids playground with swing that needed a good dose of WD 40 was winding me up! 61 more words


Landscape | Les cabanes du bord de mer

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