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Redefining "Normal"

In society, we have certain perceptions of what “normal” means.  For kids, specifically school-age kids, “normal” is hard to achieve.  You have to be smart, but not nerdy-smart.  599 more words

Societal Norms? What Societal Norms!?

What are societal norms exactly? They are rules as to how to behave in the society you were born in, and they are given to you by the people in your life – you simply absorb them by copying those around you. 515 more words


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5 März 2015
Heute Schultermuskulatur und der seitliche Bauchanteil. War wiederum ein starkes Stück
Kleine Auflistung der Mahlzeiten:
Frühstück – Grapefruit, Haferflocken mit Naturjoghurt
Zwischenmahlzeit – Apfel… 33 more words


The Day The Aliens Came (poem)

The day the aliens came
Was a fairly normal day…

Dad was watching telly
In his usual way

Mum was at the shops
Just about to pay… 47 more words


'Normal barbie' is the real MVP for challenging beauty standards (video)

Inspired by the positive feedback he’s received for his “normal girl” Lammily doll, creator Nickolay Lamm set out to further challenge unrealistic beauty standards in a video titled #DoYou. 7 more words