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The Final Countdown

The final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman is tonight. We don’t write too much about television here, but I’ve enjoyed Letterman since before I ever saw his show by way of digging through the Web 1.0’s… 66 more words


Take the bullshit out of bullying and inequality and fight back

There are things in life that shouldn’t matter but somehow, in this generation, they do. These little, worthless things sometimes even causes the destruction of others. 469 more words



Towel Rack by mllmtr
Decorative details and additional tricks may be spiffy, but they can quickly interfere with what an object is meant to do. When it comes to a piece of furniture you intend to keep for a while to come, a little stylistic restraint can go a long way. 576 more words


Our culture and boredom

With my first year of college behind me, my life immediately began to slow down. I’m not doing homework and studying madly in between every other thing I had to get done, I have time. 392 more words

Words Of Wisdom

To Norm or Not To Norm

Just because everyone’s doing it does not make a thing right.

Casual Sex. Altering documents to get the job you want. White lies. Cussing. Smoking. Convenient relationships.

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“ A Form ” ~ not the norm ~

I see a form


Lifting upward

In disguise,

Tho not the norm

Can but surmise,

This giant butterfly

Just barely born

To suffer such a size, 21 more words

My Poetry