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Words of Love and Support

I thought this morning, when I woke up to a rebuttal from an abolishionist who was questioning the mental sanity of not only me but also my industry. 2,701 more words

Sex Work

Standing Down Legal Segregation on Yom Hashoah

Today marks Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day – and as it turns out, this year it falls on a serendipitous milestone: namely the 52nd anniversary of Dr. 634 more words


Knowing Partially, Loving Wholly

We live in this world like a child walking into a room where a clever person is speaking. The child did not hear the beginning of the speech, and leaves before the end; and there are certain things which he hears but does not understand.

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one on one...

Why do I consider it so crucial to balance the outer aspects of nonviolence and compassion with the inner support of contemplative practice? Because in the end, all politics are local, and we cannot love life and humanity if we do not love each other, one on one.

~ Lama Surya Das


Nonviolence & Defeating Hitler

I’ve recently been thinking about the manner in which people and institutions resort to violence. Of particular interest, is the view held by some people who argue that resorting to violence is beneficial or necessary. 2,646 more words

The Last Revolution

We’re too quiet.

We’re not angry enough.

Or maybe…we are angry enough, but we’re just too tired.

We’re too tired and we’re too scared.

That’s why we watch so many movies and TV shows about revolution.  1,002 more words


PRINCE OF PEACE: Jesus And Nonviolence — A Third Way, by Walter Wink

From Peace Is the Way: Writings on Nonviolence

Many of those who have committed their lives to ending injustice simply dismiss Jesus’s teachings about nonviolence out of hand as impractical idealism.   2,162 more words