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Word of Mouth

This is from my life. Not all of these things were said but they did happen.

“She madeout with a weirdo on the top of her sister’s car.” 137 more words

C'est Le Vie

Brain Tracks

Conductor tossing world salad

About and beyond the realm

of mere pounds is standard on

this train called Loco-motive:

Crazy you can mount sane,

And never again feel the same. 44 more words


What nonsense gives your spirit wings?

What nonsense gives your spirit wings?
What melody your silence sings?
To which past your future ever clings
above all powers, above all things?

What nonsense inspires you to act? 104 more words

To hurt or not to hurt your boss, how many people go through these thoughts?

I would appreciate feedback regarding your situation at work and your thoughts of bad bad things happening to them. I mean like Horrible Bosses 1 and 2. 77 more words

Get The Stress Out

The F'arts!

I saw a beautiful painting of a girl praying with a price tag on it, R1. That’s all it cost. I felt the very essence that makes me crumble up inside and furl into a ball. 221 more words


Bring back the random!

So it’s been a while, and i’m not sorry about it (not that anyone reads this shit anyway) buy I honestly just haven’t felt like I’ve had anything going on in my head that is worth sharing. 342 more words


'Started From The Bottom' By Drake Also Works Perfectly With The 'DuckTales' Theme Song

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Remember when the Internet set Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” to the “DuckTales” theme song? Remember how awesome that was? Remember how it seemed to work perfectly with the choreography? 52 more words

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