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The Horizon Ahead

I can’t always see the way
To get to the horizon
Yet I continue onward
Compelled by it’s siren.


C25K - The return (otherwise known as, OMG was it always this hard?).

When I was younger, my dad and my brother used to enjoy nothing better on a Saturday morning than watching an hour of WWF wrestling – and, as we only had one TV in those days, I was also forced to watch it. 480 more words


Slut Shaming

“Many people seem to forget that social norms are dictated by biological imperatives, not the other way around.”

That’s a bit of wisdom from Lana Voreskova. 138 more words


Charisma Tinkering

charisma propped up against slick balloons
floating illogical.

Tinkering intellectual exotics deranged unentirely political.

burden valour like a southerners drawl spewing erotics unconditional.

Interlude the forced intentions spewing tactile.


Asphalt Abrasion

abrasion! On my iris left not the right eye.
Thought, contusion compels swollen bone.

Asphalt fries and rainy salt rise up majestic.
Never have I written on flesh pinned to death but time is first and there is everything. 60 more words