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insomnist journal #9

#9 | 4.mar.2015

Maybe there aren’t any people left in the world who go to sleep before 9 because they’ve tried it and tried it and it doesn’t work. 265 more words


Pep Rally

Best to drink wine to day,

Surely not on the morrow

Unless their threats are veiled

Then more drinking will follow!

John Noggle is an unromantic bottle of  Moët that re-rediscovered America. 31 more words


but its a wednesday.

in one of those moods again. where i miss things.

the type where i feel like standing up, walking away, and not looking back. the type where i spend my nights writing not-poetry, listening to silence. 240 more words


Life As We Know It.

Life as we know it. In three years’ time, without knowing, you might be a very rich C.E.O after an accidental discovery of a product, you thought would fail. 687 more words


Gobbledegook Gazebo

Gazebos like their full cousins, rotundas, are architecturally beautiful. The Green Gazebo, the subject of many of my poems, in a leafy park near the Gap Village in Brisbane is no exception. 45 more words


a day of signs 

to let 8,800sq feet of space,

mind the gap

cross the road

take your change and don’t leave your possessions on the train

the next stop is the final destination terminate here… 71 more words


Feel Your Pace

Lying next to a sofa

Is the recumbent figure of a relic

in rouge

A figure of the past,

- Its juices psychedelic

Prevents being a recalcitrant recast… 104 more words