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30/30 -- Day Twenty: Second Language

(so the gif has nothing really to do with the poem, except for the NO part, but I just love Benedict Cumberbatch and his role as Sherlock Holmes!) 207 more words


The time has come

The time has come to heal my wounds.
With joy and hope my soul abounds.
All fears and doubts have gone away.
My future life begins today. 156 more words


Awright popheads, I’m givin you the heads-UP only now, cuz ya wouldn’t have been able to take the news when it was HI-TIME: POSTER HULLA BALOO nummer 38….9 went down last september at… 104 more words


The Proof That 2=4

Let’s look at the following equations:

From (1) we get that , thus

From (2) we get that , thus


And thus …


Forgive me, who am unskilled in the art of writing with sense

The world is a fascinating place, begging to be questioned, celebrated, reinvented. Just like the world, my thoughts hold to no rigid order. In their essence, both are chaotic; yet show symmetry and irony. 121 more words


Thinking Out Loud #68 - Confessions, Addictions and a little OCD

I’ll open with a cliché: Is it really July already? This morning I deliberated when I should go get my blood work done. In January my doc suggested June or July. 503 more words


12 Hours 'Til Odesza: a true story

I must admit, this story begins with me fucking up. I took a summer course at a local college and mistook the date of its final to be earlier than it actually was. 945 more words