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Imagine a beautiful spacious house, full of lovely comfortable furniture, cozy warm soft blankets, beautiful flowers and plants, and a lot of sunshine.  The owner of this amazing place is a wonderful host, full of interest in you, curiosity, understanding, love and compassion.  317 more words

Happy Life Day to Me...

It’s my birthday!  Oh yeah baby!  I am proud to be the owner of a 46 year old body, the enthusiastic spirit of a 5 year old, a few creaky bones and one helluva grateful, happy attitude because I’m alive!  598 more words

Feeling Good

Can Starbucks be be true to the coffee house heritage

What is a Coffeehouse?

The coffeehouse, a concept that goes back hundreds of years, originated as a nonjudgmental place where socially, ethnically and politically diverse people could meet to share ideas and challenge the social norms.  372 more words


Day 4 of Artist Challenge - My "Doodle Art"

I also call this “my non-judgemental art.” It’s the art I create when I toss aside my inner critics and just enjoy myself. I first started making this kind of art after I was laid off from my 10+ year design job. 220 more words

Slightly Cracked Observations on... - Let's go to the Gym

Can I talk a little about the gym for a minute?

I joined a gym. No, not bandwagon resolution for the New Year I am going to get in shape join the gym. 1,501 more words

Running With Scissors

How I dealt with my Self Worth?

For much of my life, I have dealt with self worth.  I always looked for outside validation.  I wanted to look good to the public however, I was a mess on the inside.  332 more words

My 90's TV Values

I ended up taking a nap on the couch today, falling asleep to Boy Meets World. All I remember (I don’t recall dreaming anything) is that when I woke up, I had an epiphany that a lot of what I learned was from the 90’s sitcoms I watch growing up, such as Boy Meets World and Full House. 312 more words