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40. Caution

She got off at the next stop — every instinct told her it was safer to wait six minutes at the busy, well lit Central station than to wait one extra minute at its sister — dark and quiet and so often cast by the as an area that screamed “danger” to a young woman, mid twenties, alone at 21:00 hours.


How to Write a Cover Letter: Literary Submissions

In the month that I’ve been interning for a major literary magazine, I’ve already read 700+ unsolicited submissions. Out of those, there have been three submissions that I’ve sent to one of the editors. 337 more words


Disney Does Darwin: Theories of Its Evolution

Recently, Disney announced that they’d acquired a screenplay for a biopic on noted naturalist and the granddaddy of Evolution, Charles Darwin. Not usually known for their biopics, Disney has been trying to branch out a bit lately. 25 more words


Silence & Space

He texted me on Wednesday to talk about what happened, hours after it actually took place.

He texted the next day, asking about me about economics tutoring. 484 more words


First Day on Adderall

I took Adderall for the first time this morning. The doctor started me off on twenty milligrams but, after hearing my brother’s stories of feeling “tweaked out” on that same amount (as they say on the drug forums I’ve found myself perusing), I thought I’d be best starting off with half that so I opened the capsule and sprinkled half the pellets into my breakfast yogurt. 533 more words


July 1st

And he told me he didn’t cheat on me. His friends needed somewhere to stay for the night.

I told him I wanted to talk though. 1,112 more words


The Other Side of Me by D.L. "Tex" Swafford and Jim Bob Swafford

The resigned stare on the face that fills the back cover of The Other Side of Me: Memoirs of a Vietnam Marine (CreateSpace, 169 pp., $12.25, paper) pretty much tells the book’s entire story. 408 more words