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Day 7: Closet Linkin Park Fans

After a few days of talking about a bunch of different creative outlets, a blog post that I had read earlier popped into my head. The post is by electronic music producer Ta-ku and is called… 355 more words


A Brief History of Castration by Victor T. Cheney

Mr. Cheney’s book, A Brief History of Castration, is often touted as one of the better histories on eunuchs and castration. Since it’s one of a very small number of books on this topic, that is no surprise. 240 more words


In Defense of Growing Up, Part Two

I wanted to continue off of my last post, “In Defense of Growing Up,” with a few more thoughts on the subject. Blog posts, they say, need to be short. 898 more words

Ariane Peveto

Review: E=MC² (Stewart)

E=MC² : Simple Physics : Why Balloons Rise, Apples Fall, and Golf Balls Go Awry | Jeff Stewart | Nonfiction, Informational | 2010

I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed when I first checked out this book from the library.  524 more words

Book Review

The Histories

The Histories by Herodotus, translated by Aubrey de Sélincourt, 3/5

At its best, this fifth-century B.C. account of cultures and conflicts in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean tells epically ferocious tales of questionable veracity. 53 more words

Book Reviews

George Djuric

Le Bapteme de Solitude

Herman Ehrenberg (1816 – October 9, 1866) is the namesake of Ehrenberg, Arizona. A native of Germany, Ehrenberg joined the military volunteer unit the New Orleans and fought against Mexico in the Texas Revolution. 2,136 more words


Juanita Mantz

A Shit Day


The day started out bad.  Like bad days always do, it got worse.

Ontario airport was where it started.  Ontario airport is the kind of airport no one wants to go to, in the middle of nowhere in Ontario, California about sixty miles from Los Angeles. 2,144 more words