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Being Nomad

People ask you to identify yourself all the time. Questions like “where are you from?” and “what’s your background?” What they’re really asking is, “who are you?” 746 more words


.On the Edge.

You don’t know how it is
For someone else to own you
Someone else to throw your heart around

.Pose: Repose – Justin @ The Pose Fair… 91 more words


Spending More Time Doing Gold Habits

I’m currently four days away from an indefinite nomadic world-tour. ┬áI have a lease for six weeks in Boulder, Colorado, then head back to LA for a few weeks to catch up, then Stockholm, then ?? 864 more words

The day of the derailleurs!

I haven’t had a derailleur problem in over 15yrs+ so it came as a bit of a shock to damage two of them in 50m of trail. 239 more words

Mountain Biking

35mm Collection | Pacific City

| APRIL 2015 |

Hiding from the wind.

I love these old yota vans.

My partner in crime.

“Wow, it’s been so hazy the last few days; the sunset is sweet though.” I said to Erin. 40 more words


Pioneers Bar

Getting to the Point

Location: Pioneers Bar
Neighborhood: NoMad / Chelsea
Night of the Week: Thursday
Time of Day: 7 pm
Time of the Year: Spring… 368 more words


The Wandering

Mind flutters in all directions when I think about stepping out, moving away from the crowd, a voluntary retirement.

As a child, I never knew how much of a trouble I was creating for myself by being “that” kid in the classroom, yes, “that” kid who needs more friends but does not wish to work for friendship. 446 more words