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le monde sans regard sans image au fond de la nuit

Je ne me voyais plus j’avais perdu mon âge
Nu dans ce monde noir sans regard sans image au fond de la nuit

(Aragon, « Gazel au fond de la nuit »)


Watch out! Look what's up ahead...

Friday, April 3rd—Day of the Undead!

The Zombie of Great Peru
by Pierre-Corneille Blessebois
with a preface by Guillaume Apollinaire
translated from the French by Doug Skinner… 33 more words


30/30 Photo Challenge

This is my last installment to the 30 day photo challenge I started (a little longer than 30 days ago). Rather than sitting back idly as I dreamt of owning my own dSLR camera, admired others’ photos and their eye for composition, I decided to use what I had on hand–an iPad–and take a stab at photography. 129 more words


Page 08 - JUMELLES - le manga

Bon… Cassie est partie dans son monde…

Suite le 3 Avril 2015.


March 30, 2015: Cora

I’m let into her office.
She greets me with a firm handshake and offers me a drink.

Her office is dim, broken blinds pulled shut. A haze of smoke near the ceiling. 346 more words

Strange News

Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler

So, I guess third time’s the charm? because I picked up FAREWELL, MY LOVELY (1940) by Raymond Chandler after work last week and couldn’t put the book down. 764 more words

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