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Furry Tails: Noir & Champ Are Searching For Good Homes

Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. So, as part of Furry Tails, I’ll be doing an ongoing feature on adoptable pets from local animal shelters once a week. 504 more words


Richard Thomas's DISINTEGRATION: Dark Alleys of the Human Soul

In the words of the great Jack Ketchum, Richard Thomas does not “look away.”

When he throws you into a scene, he doesn’t just put you in the room, he shoves your nose in what’s gone wrong while holding your palm to that vague blue flame of what’s yet to go wrong still. 219 more words


Boone Ave – Bronx, NY
Artist: @indie184

Chapter One: The Watcher

A few days ago I began to write a new short story/novela idea just for fun and practice over the summer. I thought I’d share the first chapter. 832 more words

Somehow, Progress

Well, hello again!

This hasn’t happened in a while. Back to back posts? Is that even a thing anymore?

Well, it is today.

I finished reading… 378 more words


Pulp #22 - Trilby

Pulp #22 – Trilby

Trilby was a fast hand a shaking my tail. I’d got his morning rituals down to a few stops that he’d rarely change up; an illogical slab’a routine that screamed suspicious. 3,037 more words




When Midnight Comes, Find Shelter

Attica trembles. The moon fires arrow after arrow at my window, sinking countless broadheads fletching deep between the bricks of my bedroom wall. 2,184 more words

J.T. Carlton