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Proof That Extraterrestrials Walk Among Us

For a number of days now, WordPress has been showing more visits to my blog than the sum of all visits from all countries and regions on our planet. 184 more words


Petition to revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

I voted for Obama and was thrilled to have such a great African American man in the White House for the first time – such a break through and a milestone in history. 162 more words


The Nobel Lie That Just Won't Die

The Guardian newspaper once again falsely declares Rajendra Pachauri a Nobel laureate. For good measure, it publishes a photo of him looking pious – while neglecting to mention the serious sexual offenses for which he is being investigated. 670 more words


Bookish Broad Strokes: I Am Malala

I have two Kate Spade journals, and it was really hard not to bring home another one when I came home from City Creek this weekend. 756 more words

Girls' Studies

27. Volunteer / raise money for charity: One Billion Acts of Peace

To be clear, this definitely doesn’t count as me ticking no. 27 off the list, but I do want to shout about what an awesome campaign One Billion Acts of Peace is. 353 more words

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Recall

Nobel Peace Prize Recall

According to Nobel’s will, “The Peace Prize shall be awarded to the person who in the preceding year “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. 121 more words

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