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Now What in Italy

OK we are well fed and have been exercising by walking, what do we do now? Your first visits to Italy should be to the big cities: 307 more words

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Italian Sweets (Dolce)

In italy desert or sweets are called dolce. Italians don’t normally eat a lot of deserts. Instead they will eat fruit or cheese after a meal. 250 more words

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WiFi in Italy

Many of the small bars in Italy offer free WiFi. You can sip a Cafè or Cappuccino while face booking friends about your trip. There are other hotspots in the major cities. 143 more words

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Italian Language

If you go to Italy, you will want to say some basic things in Italian:

  1. Grazie – Thank You
  2. Prego – You are welcome (always said to someone who says Grazie to you)
  3. 247 more words
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Choosing affordable meals in Italy

Everyone loves the food in Italy but can we get really great food for an affordable price? The answer is YES! Here are some rules: 482 more words

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B&Bs in Italy

An alternative to hotels or rental homes in Italy are B&Bs. Just like here in the US, they are very popular in Italy. You can find B&Bs all over Italy. 215 more words

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Beaches near Rome Italy

We usually don’t think of beaches and Rome together or at least I don’t. But Rome is near the sea and there are some nice beaches there. 125 more words

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