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4/10 Macarena Mayhem

Part 1
The dream begins in an outdoor amphitheater where I’m celebrating my grandpa’s 70th birthday party with the masses. Thousands of people are in attendance for the jubilee and somehow I get stuck in the upper deck.  269 more words

Dream Journal

As Told By Me!

Everyone has one, but this is mine.

This is My Story !

1994 was a big year for me. It was the beginning of the rest of my life, it is the start of my story. 618 more words

Dork Points

Let’s do the math:

Going to mall with friends:
Safe, no points.

Going into Build A Bear with friends:
It’s okay… they have kids- still no points. 90 more words


A Sign I'm Getting Wiser

This morning as i was getting ready, I looked closely at my face in the mirror. As I moved my eyes up, I noticed two little grey hairs on the front of my head. 115 more words

Mummy Time

How things change 

In my previous pre-baby life, I would check I was clean and ready before leaving the house. If I had food or a rogue bit of toothpaste on me, I would nip upstairs to change before setting foot out of the door. 124 more words


the stigma that comes with being a Chrsitian and struggling with depression

This is gonna be a pretty heated post for two reasons. One is because I literally just spent over an hour typing out this post and of course my computer got messed up and it got deleted -___- Secondly, this topic just gets me going. 925 more words