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Question: Why have I only been in this perspective since I was born?

This answer is from a Buddhist and Kantian perspective.

The “me” isn’t really a me but personality generating machine that believes in a me. I do mean machine because our body is what makes the perspective and not something else. 45 more words


Concentration and Mindfulness

In his Eightfold Path, the Buddha spoke specifically about cultivating two particular kinds of attention: concentration and mindfulness. They are not the same. Traditionally, concentration is taught first.

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Becoming Sky

How many soul’s dark nights are enough? How often? Once a year, twice a week? All day every day? What does it take for us let go of the beliefs and attitudes we cherish because clinging to them all our lives has built a false feeling of security and safety? 162 more words


Beware, you’re gonna melt!

In the Disney movie Frozen, snowman Olaf desperately yearns for summer. And he dreams about all the lovely things he would do in summer. Like lazing on the beach with a drink in his hand, getting a suntan. 107 more words


Old Stuff Still Showing Up

Ever feel possessed? As in: things seem OK and then wham! An out-of-the-blue thought takes root, grows and flowers very quickly and suddenly the mouth is saying things, the body is warping and commitment to the aberrant thought mushrooms into justifying, defending or even attacking? 416 more words


Quaking and Burning

When drugs and alcohol collapsed my life I was definitely old enough to “know better”… and obviously that kind of thing is not about knowledge. As my mother said about it, “But you never took drugs”. 599 more words


endless horizons

POSTCARD #113: New Delhi:  Carrying stuff upstairs, laptop under arm with notepad, phone in pocket, pen held in teeth, water bottle neck clasped between first and third fingers. 575 more words

The 'now' Moment