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Stammering, What's The Real Answer To Getting Rid Of It?

S does not exist. Well not in the sense that I have believed for the last 31 years.

This is an incredibly difficult thing to admit but I feel to ever enjoy my life like I should then it’s something I should face. 808 more words

No Self


If people laugh at you

join them!

Don’t miss out on the fun!


I don’t know why we long so for permanence, why the fleeting nature of things so disturbs. With futility, we cling to the old wallet long after it has fallen apart.

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"Buddha is your mind"

Challenging every
neural path I’ve created;
who is this person?

What can I do but
be driven to searching far
inside of my heart?

Explosions of self… 29 more words

awareness of awareness

‘Our awareness is like the air around us: we rarely notice it. It functions in all our waking moments and may even continue in sleep. Usually we are caught up in the content of our awareness, preoccupied with what we think, feel, and experience. 673 more words

The 'now' Moment

Riding Free

Its like you’re throwing away your canoe and oars and are riding the waves of emptiness. Its scary at first, you’ve no control. You feel vulnerable and completely without knowledge of where you are going, or even where you are. 133 more words


Vanishing Point: Don Draper and the Desert of the "Real Thing"

Smile, smile, smile . . . Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth. – Jean Baudrillard, America

The Mad Men series finale opened with an unexpected sequence of images: a dry lakebed, a car zooming by, and Don in dusty goggles behind the wheel. 1,863 more words