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POSTCARD #119: Bangkok: The Thai new year came and went and it happened I had to go for a medical, nothing important I thought, but the doc said I had high blood pressure and gave me all kinds of pills to take. 553 more words

The 'now' Moment

Life Before Thought

Something odd happened this morning.

I woke up, staring at the ceiling, and realized that I didn’t have a thought or emotion yet; I was empty… 33 more words

Beings Overflowing

There is a being
inside of me,
spilling over
the banks–
whose color
I cannot name,
whose voice
patterns the sky
with tender pulsations. 109 more words


"I want what you have." new MJ Awakening Blog

At last weds. night’s deconstruction class at my place in west LA, someone said, “I want what you have.” However, she had it backwards. It’s not that I have something she doesn’t, she seemly has something I don’t: a SELF. 80 more words

Look within? There is no within!

Many spiritual teachings tell us to look within. This is an antidote-type teaching, meaning it is there to correct a wrong view. If you are looking outwardly for lasting fulfilment in worldly or material things (objects outside of oneself), a teaching that says ‘look within’ can counteract the outgoing tendency. 654 more words

My Writings

Going Deep: The Garden of Dark Delights

Getting right to it, Dark Delights are all the things we think are “Not OK”… anything from certain thoughts, ideas, fantasies, sensations and emotions, to particular words, decisions, behaviors, actions, objects, situations and events. 1,077 more words