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Confidence, or lack thereof 

I have suffered from insecurity since day 1 -.- why can’t I ever bring myself to just appreciate myself for myself?! Like damn.. The funny things is I know I’m a good hearted person, I’m humble, I’m nice, but I guess I’ve just always been the glass half empty girl. 115 more words

Every Cut Still Bleeds

3 months later and I still find myself crying at night thinking of him.

I’m technically still breathing but he killed me.
He killed every ounce of my self esteem. 71 more words


Did you know that it's hard to write at track practice?

Yes, you probably do.  It’s physically difficult to write while running in the first place, much less while trying not to slip on the ice and break bones before the real season even starts.  402 more words


I'm Not Really A Writer

Reasons why I am not a writer (and how to refute them):

1. Writing is hard.  If I was any good at it at all, the words would just fly off the page.  380 more words


Save one hope:

You bastard
You had no right
To take my self
Away from me
Leaving me
A cracked shell
Of where a happy little girl… 14 more words