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Gain Without Pain

At Flemington Strength Studio, many of our clients have previously enlisted the help of a personal trainer and been dissatisfied with the result. The most common reason for their disappointing outcome is that their trainer “pushed too hard” and “just didn’t listen”. 286 more words

Friendship - No Pain, No Gain

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Remember the Titans.” In one scene early on in the movie, Coach Boone is working the guys hard to try to bring them together as a team. 420 more words

Harder is better

If you are a dreamer, people will think you are delusional… Crazy… Overly optimistic… But when you see others who had a vision and a dream who are living them and have gone against the tide, know that you aren’t delusional, overly optimistic, nor crazy! 214 more words

No pain, no GAIN!

it was my last training day.

my regular driver wasn’t  available.

master’s result is out, news of missing script broke my emotions.

OMG! Nanny unavailable for the kids? 35 more words


Workout! BICEPS!

Heres just a quick workout guide that I do to help you through those shit times. First of all set up everything. Whack on music something you like and ensure its at a volume that’ll blow your head off. 186 more words

My Interesting And Fun Workout With My Toddler

On Sunday I started my “New Year New Me-Getting More Active” plan. Oh dear lord in merciful heavens do I hurt today. But that’s a good thing. 303 more words