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10 Things Vegetarians Eat That Actually Have Meat

Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, sometimes we just want to eat “lite” and not have any meat.  Well, thanks to EatThis.com and  Medical Daily… 231 more words


Vegan week 2 in review!

I have been in dabbling veganism over the past couple of weeks. Gradually weening myself off of dairy and eggs and meat. No big issues with cutting things out; the meat was relatively straightforward as I am mostly vegetarian. 302 more words


Thanks, Layla! <3

Check out THIS AWESOME RECIPE!! Thank you, Layla! <3

Great idea to try out later! I just bought the ingredients but, I don’t have “meatspices” since spices can be dangerous for me (gluten and all, yeah, I know, wth!) so I’ll be using my own gluten-free spice mix and I forgot the onions. 47 more words

Promoting The Community

Eating: lentil/cashew vegaburger

I dedicate this post to the lovely (I think) miusho. I know you can’t have gluten, so when I decided I wanted to make a vegiburger I just knew it had to be gluten free. 536 more words

Clean Eating

Meatless Monday

I read recently, (and I can’t remember where) that Australians should have a day a week where they don’t it meat. It’s a holistic idea that encourages people to think about the environmental effects of eating so much meet and the consequences on our health. 160 more words

Meatless Monday

Honey Lime Salmon

As a small sacrifice, Hubs and I try to avoid eating meat on Fridays. I’ve had to add a couple fish recipes to my repertoire, and this by far is my favorite! 250 more words


Change of Pace

Hello all!

So, I have waited to write this post until I thought I was fully converted; I have officially switched over to a vegetarian lifestyle. 622 more words