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What others think of you is not important, it is what you think of yourself that counts. Know that you are special.


A simple kind word from you or to you, can improve your day


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I do it too from time to time. Then I have to remind myself that they don’t pay my bills, so their opinions don’t count. People are going to talk, no matter what, so let them talk about you while you build your legacy rather than let them talk you out of it and the potential to share your gifts with the world. #firestarter #namaste

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No matter what, just keep on....✌ #quotes #motivationalquotes #keepstriving #chakra #yoga #meditate #keeptrying #waves #surf #summer #healing

No matter what, just keep on….✌
#quotes #motivationalquotes #keepstriving #chakra #yoga #meditate #keeptrying #waves #surf #summer #healing

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The MOST Important Success Trait - Getting It Done No Matter What!

The MOST Important Success Trait – Getting It Done No Matter What!

Above all else one thing that separates us the people who are successful in life and get what they want from the people who are unsuccessful and do not get what they want. 472 more words

No Matter What

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Do your goals make you want to push forward, no matter what, to achieve them? If not, they may not be big enough. Don’t ever sell yourself short on what you are capable of achieving. 10 more words


Good News about Jesus!

“Good News about Jesus!”

Acts 8:34-35 – May 3, 2015

Who enjoys hearing good news? Just about everyone! And what about those who share good news? 1,481 more words