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I'm Going on Vacation

…in December.

Now before you start asking me where I’m going or before my Mum gets excited on the plans I’ve made ahead of time and not told her, let’s just say that I haven’t really planned anything. 259 more words



You would certainly have listened to a quote many time

“The less you expect, the more you get”

Imagine applying the quote on a person of your life. 159 more words


Journey to Soul

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, June 27, 2015

Journey to Soul

Journeying. Traveling. All of us, each of us is on a journey through life. 376 more words

What a great run!

Recently I’ve been ‘over-thinking’ my runs – when and where, how often, how far, should I go early, should I go later…etc. So much so that I’ve not been running on any kind of regular schedule – and I’ve decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 222 more words


believer, the fool?

I wasn’t trying to be nice, I’m

I wasn’t trying to do good, I’m

I wasn’t trying to help, I’m

When they said you had to be real, I believed… 71 more words

Spiritual Leadership

I have no expectations of you.

(Just a head’s up that this is a universal “you”…..before I start getting questions.  Haha.)

I stopped having expectations of people I knew long ago. Because it never worked out. 324 more words