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I have no expectations of you.

(Just a head’s up that this is a universal “you”…..before I start getting questions. ¬†Haha.)

I stopped having expectations of people I knew long ago. Because it never worked out. 324 more words


What They Don't Tell You about Working from Home

Oh hi there. You want to work from home because it’s fun and you get to chill in your PJs all day? Jolly good, do sit down and let me burst that bubble for you. 1,428 more words


No Expectations.

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.”

– Eli Khamarov


#Wisdom from bossladiesmindset

no expectations, no dissapointments.

by bossladiesmindset


#Bossladies, no expectations, no dissapointments.

no expectations, no dissapointments.

By bossladiesmindset


Thoughts: Life Without Expectations

He was left hanging… waiting¬†for his phone to ring. “I’ll update you” is what he was told a couple of hours ago.. but its 11pm on a Friday night. 435 more words