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Cos I eats me spinach....

Sometimes it’s easy, quick and convenient to reach for a takeaway menu and at the touch of a button there’s a young man at your door with cartons of food, he could be naked for all you care, all your eyes are fixated on is what’s in his hand! 80 more words

Healthy Eating

HEALTHY PANCAKES,??? soo good. 

  1. Blend together 2 eggs and one banana
  2. Grease a skillet with coconut oil! (So healthy!) and put it on to low-medium heat.
  3. Pour your pancake batter…
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5 Day Carb-Free Eating Plan

Meal plans are the best.  Planning what you’re going to eat for dinner makes healthy eating simple and enjoyable. Although it’s kind of impossible to plan all of your meals for the week, planning what you are going to have for dinner is manageable. 269 more words


No carbs!

In the beginning of me starting a ‘healthy life’ my mom and I came up with an idea. How about we start a no carbs day once a week? 55 more words


It is food...

…without it I would never find happiness again…


Thai Style Sea Bass with Cauliflower Rice

Written By Gracie 

This dish is ridiculously healthy without compromising on flavour. It’s low in calories and fat, full of nutrients that have a vast list of health benefits and it’s honestly so delicious. 369 more words


Recipe: Low Carb, Low Sugar Cookies...

Cookies, cookies, cookies!!! Here is a great recipe for low carb, low sugar cookies. 111 more words