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Day 3: Pet Peeves

Ok, making this about three pet peeves was hard….I mean ONLY three?! Or am the only person filled with such levels of annoyance? What a task! 178 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge

On being told 'everything is temporary'...

Guys, this is going to be a fun rant. Just so you know, I mean ‘fun’ in a truly sarcastic way. I mean, I’m not going to say that you may not have a good chortle at my heightened distress over something so ridiculous, but I doubt you will. 1,272 more words



“I love writing but I hate editing!”   

I often hear that from writers.   But you’ll never hear it from me.   I love editing.  

 “Why would you enjoy nit-picking  your own work?” they ask.”  Why spoil the spontaneous inspiration?   348 more words


The Bipedal Bias: Why So Many Playable Humanoids?

Humans are a predictable bunch. Two arms, two legs, head atop the shoulders, front-facing eyes, opposable thumbs. Basic stuff. Same goes with most vertebrates. Us with a backbone to speak of will never have more than four limbs, excepting species with tails, but even then, it’s only so much of a “limb.” When you pull back even further, most creatures have what’s called bilateral symmetry. 1,108 more words


Language Querks: A Story About Potato Wedges

I grabbed lunch at a supermarket today and I had a weird moment at the counter. I wasn’t sure what they had for combos so I asked what combos came with chicken pieces. 741 more words