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Welcome to the Class of 2019!

We are excited to welcome our newest Dukes to GHS – the incoming class of 2019!

It is commonly believed that Gloucester County was named after Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, who was the son of King Charles I of England and who lived from 1640 til 1660.  164 more words

The Will to Think

Critical thinking is much talked about these days in education circles but it is rarely defined, possibly because it defies black-and-white definition. Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart is often quoted about how to define certain kinds of adult entertainment—he knew it when he saw it. 130 more words


The prompt for the day is science.  Today I encouraged my ninth grade poets to break out beyond the sense to simply create interesting connections with words.   200 more words


Transforming Hearts

Why do we do what we do? How do we know if we are being effective in our classrooms and parishes? Are we really helping to transform the hearts of our youth? 408 more words

Sharing Faith

Successful Lesson Plan- A day in Ninth Grade

Today was a great day in ninth grade theatre! The lesson plan for the day was as follows:

MONDAY GOAL: Students will continue to explore their scenes and the process of critique, and design their props. 686 more words



Well a nickel is a nickel, yeah, yeah.

And a dime is a dime, yeah, yeah.

If you go to TJ, you know your doing fine, yeah, yeah. 92 more words

Growing Up