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Nile horses and all sorts of others of God's Creation

Today was a day of celebration.A celebration of Gods beautiful creation.

Dawn crossing the river Nile and meeting hippopotamus,and more hippos .No wonder the German name is Nile Horse.These wonderful creatures abide in abundance here. 358 more words

The Tour and the Tourists

It’s Mr and Mrs this week,with work turning to holiday and visits to Albert Nile and Victoria Nile,Lake Victoria and Lake Albert.
It’s strange dipping into tourist role and seeing other Muzungos.It’s great having even a short spouse sharing time.So we passed sugar cane and papaya,tea and papyrus growing commercially and limiting the preserved rainforest. 308 more words

Mossad attempted to dry Nile up, says latest in series of alleged secret cables


Another batch of leaks by al-Jazeera and the Guardian cites report that Israel tried to cause drought in Egypt, following previous claims about Mossad machinations. 444 more words


Epic 600 mile ‘Ultimate Long Nile’ cruises available in 2015

Leading Nile cruise specialist, Discover Egypt  is once again selling its ‘Ultimate Long Nile’ cruise with two itineraries, epic 600 miles between Cairo and Luxor on the River Nile.  269 more words


Exploring in Ancient Thebes

I am going to write about our 12 days in Luxor. I won’t be doing it in order but that makes no difference. The first site we saw here was Luxor Temple which was directly opposite us, on the other side of the Nile. 683 more words


The Trust of the Rahm

Pregnancy brings on a flood of emotions. She had those emotions as well. Since the day she conceived him, she had dreams that was shed as tears every night. 810 more words