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BLUE by nasserosman

fisherman captured in menya in upper Egypt

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Review: George Kollias - Invictus

Can a solo record by a drummer be truly absorbing? As vital as drumming is to the world of metal, I was sceptical of the merits of this kind of thing. 371 more words


(Review)  Journey to the Heart Waters by Louisa Calio, reviewed by Karen Tintori

In the late 1970s, a journey of the heart tugged American-born Louisa Calio to Africa to reunite with a young man she’d met and loved several years prior in the US.  627 more words


Hosna Bint Mahmoud's dark lips, strong even teeth, and wide eyes

Her lips were naturally dark red and her teeth strong, white and even. She had a handsome face with wide black eyes in which sadness mingled with shyness.

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the brick of which Hajj Ahmed's house is not built

This large house is built neither of stone nor yet of red brick but of the very mud in which the wheat is grown, and it stands right at the edge of the field so that it is an extension of it.

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wax sealing an envelope from Mustafa Sa'eed

And the letter he has left me in an envelope sealed with red wax, when had he written it?

(Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North, tr. D. Johnson-Davies)


turbans, galabias, moustaches, a donkey

I see them with a matter-of-fact eye: their galabias clean but unironed, their turbans whiter than their galabias, their moustaches ranging between long and short, between black and white; some of them have beards, and those who have not grown beards are unshaven.

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