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Today my husband had made an appointment for me back in the city to see an EMDR therapist. To be honest I had been so anxious about uni I hadn’t even thought about this appointment. 961 more words

Years Of Nightmares And Still Counting!

Nightmares are my most prevalent trigger and the one I can t avoid! I was on a plane that nearly crashed years ago, the latest in a series of traumatic episodes throughout my existence, and I have suffered from nightmares continuously since. 59 more words

Nightmares About Dead Parents

Having frequent nightmares about my deceased parents. Both died from cancer and I took care of them watching them as they were dying. They usually appear in my dreams in a way that I know they are dead and asking myself in horror how they came back from the grave. 14 more words

Can Medicines Cause Nightmares?

Dreams tell us things. They even warn us before something happens. But we find it hard to understand pieces that don’t fit, that don’t make sense. 108 more words

Sweet Dreams... (part one)

I’m worn out. I’m exhausted. I hate having nightmares of stuff that doesn’t even make sense to me. I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in months now, and that actually bothers me more than it should. 739 more words


Sugardreams? Nightmares.

I just woke up. Yes, it’s 2 freaking AM here, and I am writing an entry because I had a nightmare.

So here goes.

In my dream, I just woke up, and I ran all the way out of the house because there’s a commotion outside. 419 more words

I Never Wake Up Screaming

These days I sometimes laugh in my sleep during good dreams, I sometimes cry in my sleep during sad dreams… but I still never, ever scream in my sleep during bad dreams. 116 more words

Surviving Child Abuse