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And another bad week. More nightmares almost every morning, into the afternoon every single day except maybe one. Have done some more journaling/DBT but need to do more. 213 more words

Hug Me Brother!

Unfortunately, we have all missed National Hug Day this year, but you can mark January 21 on your calendar now so you won’t ever miss it again. 372 more words

Prompt 10- Ripple Or Tipping Point Actions

The Nights

The nights scream and don’t shut up

Continuing on and on and on and on

And on

And on

And on

And on

Asleep, and waking up to the yelling of the night… 183 more words


No Such Thing

It’s all a sham, all a lie

Hope for all those fools

Who don’t want to face the truth of life

Who don’t want to bloody their hands… 94 more words


To be or not to be (bae)?

We get bored of eachother.
You say the same words over and over.
I constantly play curley’s wife – selfish and self involved. Talk about me, me, me. 89 more words

Love Rant

Paying the Price

One of the most gratifying and strangely enough, things that has come most naturally in my life has always been to be never be stingy with my resources when I am blessed with opportunities to bring joy and/or into the lives of others’, specifically in regards to children in our lives. 719 more words