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So, a major reason I started writing this blog is that I am about to start a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I started dating in November of 2012. 352 more words

Long Distance

Hope I'm Not Speaking Too Soon, But . . .

I ve noticed I ve had fewer nightmares since we ve been dogsitting Gunner since Saturday. Not necessarily less anxiety during the day, but definitely fewer nightmares and ones that are not nearly as bad as usual. 21 more words


My buddy Colin and I were making our way out of a hotel that reminded me of a summer camp. Not only was the building built in the classic ‘Lincoln Log Cabin’ style, but we were also surrounded by camp councilors in bright red shirts. 323 more words


Darkness Beckons

Caught between heaven and hell,
in this purgatory of life.
Walking aimlessly, needlessly on,
emotions in constant strife.

The darkness in me beckons,
neither caring nor feeling. 68 more words

Writing & Poetry

I can't get no sleep.

When I hit my teens insomnia kicked in big time, accompanied by headaches – oh the headaches. Migraines and pounding temples and banging crown, you name the type of headache and I had it. 688 more words

NYC Apartment Owner Suing Co-Op Board After 16 Years Of Waiting To Move In

Anticipation can be a heady thing, a mix of optimism and suspense, with the knowledge that eventually, you’ll get what you’re after. But one New York City co-op owner is likely past the stage of simple expectation, after waiting 16 years to move into an apartment that cost him millions. 267 more words