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Nightmare no. 29

Barefoot through the ruins of my nerves
Glass fragments come loose from my tired eyes
Splinters of my heart scattered on the marble floor… 69 more words


Dreaming my Grave

The dream was of an Accident…

Tossed over like a rag-doll.

Numb to screams and flashes.


The seeping red blood called

Out to a home left far behind. 153 more words


A window at night

A window is only as safe as its glass,

And it hides just as little. By this edge of your home,

You may stare out to trees, watch the day’s light pass, 77 more words


In a Hole in the Ground

March 29, 2015

It began… well, it began as you might expect: In a hole in the ground. However, this particular hole, unlike the one you may be thinking of, there were no hobbits.

916 more words
Dream Journal

Nightmare Lessons

Last night, I was awakened by a nightmare.

But instead of waking up in a sweat and fearing closing my eyes and going back to sleep, I did what I feel that nightmares want me to do: I explore them. 441 more words


Snippet #5 - Spacial Terrors

We come now to the end of March and snippets from A Demon in the Desert.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the little excerpts and background info.  634 more words

Adventures In Writing

PTSD ~ Controlling My Terrifying Nightmares

I’ve had problems with dreams and nightmares for years, and never gave it much thought that it may be connected to trauma (PTSD).  After, discussing memories and flashbacks in therapy, I’m beginning to understand how much trauma can have an impact on dreams.   451 more words