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Incubus/Succubus & Sleep Paralysis

Last week I was engaged a series of discussions about the incubus/succubus. Experiences were described, and with every explanation from different people there were some common themes. 863 more words


lost my way

Yesterday I went to the group therapy that occurs once a month. There were about 11 of us, and a split between people that were in a good place and people that were in a really bad place. 653 more words


I have become very interested in memories as of late.  I am not sure we all mean the same thing when we use the word memory.   246 more words

**Trigger Warning** The House On Horror Hill

This is where the worst of it happened.  This is the house where I heard his dress shoes pacing the wood floor hallway below. He would shout threats, largely incoherently.   440 more words

Story Idea - Illuzia

This is the story I’m writing for Camp NaNoWriMo July.  I’m really excited to be writing it, as it stars one of my favorite characters, James Dantes Illuzia. 184 more words


Dark Abyss

Words can cut deeper than a hundred blades,
as can the memories of the days gone by.
Buried secrets give way to sleepless nights,
days of endless fear and deep unhappiness. 67 more words

Writing & Poetry

The Beast

The Beast, it growls.

Eyes midnight black staring into your soul.

Matted fur an ugly brown with streaks of dirty blonde.

Paws and claws ready to pounce, to hurt, to kill. 9 more words