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Dude Comes at You with a Chainsaw AND...

The chainsaw is a fun weapon to have in a horror movie. No need for explanation, so I’ll explain; the chainsaw is a moving blade that when it hits flesh (at least in a movie) it spins and sprays everybody within a hundred mile radius with the blood of the innocent. 547 more words

Nightmares Made Reality

A Really Boring Satanic Biker Flick

Hard Ride to Hell… I gotta hand it to the directors or the writers, because it seems it would take a tremendous effort to ruin a movie about satanic bikers trying to impregnate sexy teens to create the antichrist or whatever the fuck they wanted. 411 more words

Nightmares Made Reality

The Netflix Wasteland

When one travels through the wasteland that the world has come to know as ‘The Netflix’ one makes the journey knowing all too well that his mind might escape, but it will be forever changed. 657 more words

Nightmares Made Reality

Super Predator Kills Sharknado


It seems more than apparent that Chtulu is responsible for the death of this shark, not to mention millions of other creatures that have gone unnamed until this moment. 171 more words

Nightmares Made Reality



Now, we can’t blame Jennifer Lawrence for a revolution in Thailand, just like we can’t blame a three-finger salute from a movie. However, there must be someone, something we can blame, for why these people think it’s right to defy authority! 296 more words

Nightmares Made Reality

Insane With Wisdom

I’ve learned so much, yet have come to no higher wisdom. After you study wisdom carefully, you start to suspect that it is a bottomless pit that pulls you in deeper. 504 more words

Nightmares Made Reality