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My First Tinder Date

Hello friends and family, I know I’ve been toying with your emotions in a borderline abusive manner due to the infrequency of my posts and for that I am sorry. 870 more words

She Says, He Says and Nightmares

She Says, He Says

Yesterday, I talked about how I found it hard to write a letter to my “innocent” child self…So hard that I was unable to do it. 561 more words


B: Birthday

It was his birthday.

We’re at a café. It’s windy up here, and everything leans to the side because of this. Pieces of hair, litter, and cigarette butts swim in circles. 500 more words

Short Story

Editing Nightmare

I usually write things in the middle of the night, impulsive, hazy words that I forget completely in the morning hours that follow. Usually these writings aim to fantasize my dull reality, creating a version that is brighter and more sensual, and more intriguing. 269 more words

Odd Writings

Infected with Violence

I had a dream that I was driving through my neighborhood with a friend. We run into a scene of four people about to jump this guy I know. 227 more words


Back from the dead???

As a child my family and I lived in Azcarate, TX. 

We were just down the street from Western Playland…. Oh that was so much fun… 251 more words


Sleepless in Steubenville.

How can I put this? Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. The actual worst was probably the day after I gave birth, when I was so utterly exhausted that my brain was fried; and when the nurse asked me “do you want us to take the baby into the nursery for the night, so you and your husband can get some rest?” I refused. 407 more words