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Breakfast with the nightingales

Second breakfast, 9am, cold pancakes and choca mocha.

a view across Conyer creek

with a nightingale singing in the scrub.

first of the year.

"The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah

  “I’ll be brave,” she said. “You just tell my sister that she needs to start being afraid.”

                                – Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale

As much as…

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#Nightingale il nuovo disco di Giuditta Scorcelletti in uscita il 14 Aprile per l’etichetta statunitense Spring Hill Music

Quattordici canzoni composte da Michael Hoppé e David George interpretate dalla splendida voce della cantante toscana. 671 more words

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Feeling bookish

This Spring, I will mostly be plugging my own book. Forgive me. If you follow me for more general poetry news, there will still be plenty of that. 574 more words

Jo Bell

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Jo Bell’s a poet I admire. I may have more to say on this subject in future, but this reblog is really about Gilbert White. White’s Natural History of Selborne is one of those magical books whose mundane title conceals wonders. It sits on my shelf alongside Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (and would probably be quite comfortable with Thoreau, if I could stand him). White’s gift was to observe with care, and to make us care when we read his words; his world was quite small, and parochial, but he gave us all of it. Here, in Jo’s poem, she gives me the cockiness of rooks, and makes me regret that I’ve still never heard the nightingale sing. She’s made me want to read old Gilbert again, and that’s all to the good. (Scroll down to go straight to the poem.)

Fair Spring

1. It rings of fair spring

every time the bloom and green

of winter chill and icy seal

sprout into a rebirth.

And you sing, Mercy,  me, 138 more words


The Nightingale Book Review

It can be said, that it is the darkest times in our lives that will often force us to do things that we may never have previously considered doing. 194 more words


The Nightingale as a Balladeer

There amid the branches, a small bird alights,
deep under the cover of a mild summer night.
When all other swains are abed upon the hour, 44 more words