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Twilight on the Beach : A poem by : Mary Dow Brine

Twilight on the Beach.

By : Mary Dow Brine

The crimson glory of the setting sun
Hath lain a moment on the ocean’s breast, 185 more words

Nigel Borrington

An Evening walk above - Clonmel , County Tipperary , (Image Gallery)

I just love taking a evening walk at this time of year, the evenings are staying lighter but we still get the chance to be out when the sun is very low in the sky, ready to set. 57 more words

Nigel Borrington

Monday Poems : "Monday Mornings" By : Emily Helen Culver

Monday Mornings

By : Emily Helen Culver

breathing in and out
looking forward, ready to shout
the day might have started
but my brain just won’t function… 35 more words

Nigel Borrington

Monday Poems : Donkey of Brown

Well What a weekend we had here in Ireland SUN on SUN , just perfect :) :)

Its hard to believe its Monday already, my post and included Poem this Morning is just a reminder that while your getting your week going , don’t forget to take the odd moment to slow down and take a look at the world around you, it’s Spring-time so take just a few moments and check out what’s really happening in the world – your meeting / phone call or email can wait for a while :) :) … 108 more words

Nigel Borrington

Saturday Morning on the Mountain : Slievenamon . Co, Tipperary

Its the weekend, so its a great time to get outside, Relax, walk or just sit and take in the landscape around you :)

From yesterday the Spring Equinox, the days are getting longer all the way until the 21st of June, the long evening will soon be here :) :) 9 more words

Nigel Borrington

Three Poems , all with the Title "Morning star"

Morning Star.

By : Connor Sean McMurrick Crow

A kingdom in ancient history,
long before man was thought to exist,
stood in Hyperborean heartland.
Ruled in peace by a woman of antediluvian… 188 more words

Nigel Borrington

Learning application programming ( Action related V Object related)

Sample Object Orientated code

Why is learning to code these days so hard ?

If your just starting out trying to learn how to write application code it will not take you long before you hit one of the biggest walls and choices to be made, this being do you learn Procedural or OOP(Object Orientated) – programming. 1,653 more words

Nigel Borrington