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“Muscles can feel happy when exhausted. Life countinuously seeks exhaustion.” – ANDRE VANTINO on how the death drive is not about death but about life, about positive exhaustion, and the seeking of pleasures in eternal recurrence.. http://ift.tt/1BkXR2u

Nietzsche: The art of Polish maxims

[F]or not even the finest mind is capable of adequate appreciation of the art of the polished maxim if he has not been educated to it, has not been challenged by it himself.  93 more words


Nietzsche Turned To The Night And Asked

What would you have me compared to, then? 
The scorpion that strayed too far into the sun 

and stung itself to death, or the sightless 
mole that kept digging circles in the same 

archaic dirt? 200 more words

L'homme de l'avenir est celui qui a la mémoire la plus longue (Friedrich Nietzsche)

L’homme de l’avenir est celui qui aura la mémoire la plus longue. Telle est l’hypothèse de Friedrich Nietzsche. Se souvenir de ce qui s’est passé pour éviter de refaire les mêmes erreurs, tirer les leçons du passé pour préserver l’avenir. 2,180 more words


Humdrum aesthetics, ambiance, and everyday affect

I’ve been off lately. Like a typist with baseball mitts on or a table with uneven legs. Finishing up coursework, graduating, moving back to my parents to prep for the next phase of life, I’ve been recalibrating my humdrum “average everydayness,” to use Heidegger’s term. 644 more words


OK this is my first original blog post: an introduction to Plato written in 2010 ...


or Can virtue be taught?

“ANYTUS: You seem to me, Socrates, to be too ready to run people down. 3,019 more words