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Five of the Worst Misconceptions in Philosophy

1) Kierkegaard’s Leap to Faith

To faith. Not of faith. Faith is the thing to be reached, a kind of moral perfection expressible even in ignorance. 1,382 more words


Nietzsche’s Disavowalist Moment

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, a spectacular event unfolded that would forever change history. God was murdered. This scandalous transgression was met with multiple reactions. 1,902 more words


the will to power

a hoover

was not

a Friedrich manoeuvre

he could barely

even muster

a philosophical flick

of a duster

Odds And Sods

From Nietzsche’s critique of Truth.

If we call pre-modern Chinese and Indian studies of nature “unscientific” due to their metaphysical cast, then we must similarly classify modern European studies of the same.


“When we talk about values we are under the inspiration of life. It follows that even the anti-natural morality that understands God as the converse and condemnation of life is only a value judgment made by life.” 4,546 more words


Nietzsche and the Economists

Nietzsche made many criticisms of philosophy as taught in Europe. One of his main criticisms was that it was written in ignorance of its real subject matter, that is man. 1,022 more words


My Übermensch Goals: Please let me be less sad

I’ve been feeling rather sad lately, which may be due to my monthly blood-letting, but also may be due to my generalized chronic sadness. Specifically, the sentiments I’ve been feeling have revolved around feelings of inadequacy. 630 more words