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Getting back into old habits

Blogging has always been a joy to me, but lately I’ve felt uninspired, even when there’s been plenty going on in my life, especially great stuff worth sharing. 95 more words

Be Still My Heart

I want to start off with photos of Henley! I could honestly just sit and stare at her for hours. I’ve never seen anything more perfect in my entire life. 75 more words



It was my niece’s b-day. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her at all but at least my gift arrived on time and I will be able to see her in a week. 12 more words

Filming in York

My beautiful little Niece Naomi (5 Years old) is coming to stay within me in York for a week, we are going to be filming together and working as one to create dream like short films for my artistic practice. 66 more words

Fine Art

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness...

Must have been shopping at all of the wrong stores!”

Lately I have been on a shopping kick again; I used to shop like once or twice a week, and I kicked the habit…that is until recently. 765 more words

Best Friends

Lost Without A Challenge

Life has changed down a gear and, as a result, I feel lost. Ever feel like that? Since my niece was born in February I pretty much fell off the internet. 455 more words


Weekend Update!!!

I would love to start off saying I’M AN AUNT AGAIN!!!!!

I was woken early on Friday morning to my sister in law calling about having labor pains. 488 more words

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