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It was a hot day in the Seattle suburbs on Saturday. Hotter than L.A., though the sun didn’t blanch the dark greens of the tall pines in Hartman Park the way it’s scorched the pigment out of Los Angeles, but for the pastel paint on certain adobe abodes. 1,586 more words

Day 0. Shaa.

Welp, waited in line for 5 hours. Got there at 630am, stayed in line, got my badge at 1130am. There were quite a few people, but I’m sure that wasn’t even half of them. 746 more words


A-Force 2 review

The first issue of A-Force introduced the all-female superhero team and gave us both a giant shark attack and some great drama. After Miss America damaged the wall between Acadia and the next realm, the Thors sent her to prison. 306 more words

Comic Review

Review: A-Force #2

The Secret Wars universe has been a strange playground for the creative minds behind Marvel Comics.  While some series are tied to the comic book crossovers which inspired them, some are free from such restraints and get to become essentially whatever they want and thus to establish some interesting scenarios that we have never seen before.   305 more words


Heroes Of Olympus- Nico

Nico di Angelo is a fourteen-year-old Greek demigod son of Hades and the mortal Maria di Angelo. He is also the younger brother of the late Bianca di Angelo and the half brother of Hazel Levesque. 245 more words


Yazawa Nico's Flat To Be Demolished For Safety Reasons

Many anime fans, young and old, are familiar with the name Love Live! School Idol Project. The name has countless of songs and singles related to it, an anime series spanning 24 episodes over 2 seasons, an application where their songs can be played DDR style, and just recently, a summer movie but now bad news comes to… 121 more words


Editorial: 'Instantáneas de color' por Nico para EPS, Octubre 2011.

Asistente de fotografía: Sergi Hernández. Asistente digital: XaVi Bou. Maquillaje: Paco Garrigues para Bobbi Brown. Peluquería: Karim Belghiran (Kasteel+Agent) para Kielh’s. Producción: Marina Khabieva (Gianfraco Meza&Co). 22 more words