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A Teaser For #TIDAL Exclusive #Music #Video From NICKI MINAJ And BEYONCE - FEELING MYSELF

The full music video is exclusive on the new music- and video- service Tidal, that is owned by a handfull of artists.

Nicki Minaj Is Back In Her Latest Video [WATCH]

Check out Nicki Minaj take on the city in her latest video for “The Night Is Still Young”. Way more toned down from Anaconda but still a solid showing from Nicki!


definition of a rap flow

Her name is Nezi Momodu.

Her video is all over tumblr for obvious reasons. The chick is a dope rapper with a killer flow.

Just remember you first heard her name here.

Check the rhyme:


Top 5 summer songs of the moment

Music, music, music. Where to even start? I guess, since it’s almost summa time, and I’ve never done this before, I’m going to give you my top 5 summer tracks of the moment that you should be listening to now. 165 more words


Shepopsculture: On deck

Welcome to Shepopsculture, an unassuming and free-associating blog focusing on pop-culture phenomena from a intersectional-feminist perspective. Basically, this means that I’m going on a quest to take at least a little taste of the “red pill” and look at what we consume every day from a critical perspective that considers people of all sexes, sexualities, abilities, colours, etc.. 125 more words


People Are Really Mad About Iggy Azalea Again, But Billboard Isn't Having Any Of It

Al Capone went down on tax evasion charges, and now some fans are trying to take down polarizing rapper Iggy Azalea on a technicality as well. 293 more words


Nicki Minaj - The Night Is Still Young (Official Video)

Watch Nicki Minaj’s new visual “The Night Is Still Young.” Check out as Nicki Minaj is all natural instead of wearing pink hear as she does sometimes. 15 more words