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I have become quite good at this blogging thing. Two posts in two days ain’t bad for me. My blog truly has become daily as the title so suggests. 585 more words


She smiled at me.

I was on the phone talking to cops ,actually just pretending.On my way to work,actually already in the office building at the bottom floor.I entered the building just about four seconds before she entered the building from the door in opposite direction.My left hand by my left ear holding a phone,my head tilted to the left as if trying hard to listen to what other person was saying on the phone. 106 more words


Economic review for workplace health to support employees with disabilities

An economic review and economic evaluation to inform the development of a NICE public health guideline for employers and their representatives (e.g. managers, HR professionals, occupational health professionals) and others that have a role in workplace health to support employees with disabilities and long-term conditions in the workplace. 125 more words


Doing Something Nice

We live in a fast paced world. So many things in our lives are now instantaneous. We don’t call our family we text or email. We order food and shopping online. 1,001 more words

The Most Overrated Beach in the World

I feel the need to caveat this whole thing by reminding you that I’m Australian. Therefore my expectations when visiting the beach are very high; fine white sand, clear blue waters and swaying palm trees are the norm.  277 more words


The Bonsai Art of Japan - Episode 45 ...

I did bonsai for many years and think this is a great instructional video. It will give you an idea of the work involved in bonsai …

Hope you enjoyed!