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The Beat Goes on in Nice - or Does It?

NICE, France – The question running through my mind over the last couple of nights as I have walked the streets of Nice, mostly the old town, is whether my imagination is playing havoc on my memory, or whether Nice had a brighter period for roaming musicians than at the moment? 564 more words

Open Mic

Juujika no Spread

4. Juujika no Spread

We are able to become one now, our wishes intersect

The stars twinkled brightly and modestly
on the grievous night when I couldn’t grasp that light… 179 more words

Nice Music

Song Communication

3. Song Communication

Can you hear the voice of all the joy my heart is filled with?
What I can see in front of me if a sparkling blue swing… 281 more words

Nice Music


4. Stories

Even your crying face that was blurred
by my bitter tears that day now exists
within the story I wrote halfway of my trip to become stronger than anyone else… 222 more words

Nice Music

Dear Dream

3. Dear Dream

It softly whispers to my heart
the sign of the tailwind, the signals I’m feeling
Are you prepared?
The gears of fate are making a sound and have started to move… 290 more words

Nice Music

Tenkuu no Canaria

2. Tenkuu no Canaria

Oh flower that bloomed in such desolated soil,
why are you so…?

The warmth of those tiny fingers was a flame of love… 259 more words

Nice Music

Gozen 0-ji no Babydoll

3. Baby Doll of 0:00

That bell rings to indicate the time of 0:00 a.m.
As I expected, there’s no mail tonight too
I am trying to pretend I’m fine with your vague attitude, but… 266 more words

Nice Music