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Baby's own room

We are advised by the NHS that your new baby should sleep in your bedroom until they are 6 months old, I’m pretty sure I’d keep my little one next to me till she was 18 but that’s just not practical :) 440 more words



What was the life like Pre 1948 before the NHS was formed?

People who were poor were forced to go to the work house. The UK was the first country in the world that created a health system free at the point of treatment. 347 more words


Why Is The NHS So Anti-Breastfeeding?

Well I imagine that the title of this entry has a few people scratching their heads; after all how can the NHS be anti-breastfeeding? They have the “Breast is Best” campaign ongoing, and they’ve recently published a report stating that it would save the NHS £40 million a year. 647 more words

Tell Labour to listen to patients & medical professionals and say NO! to Saatchi on Friday

Did you know that Labour Health are supporting a bill which has got widespread opposition (see all the organisations below)?

Clive Peedell organised a response with over 100 signatories late last year opposing the Saatchi bill which Lord Saatchi claims will promote medical innovation. 614 more words


Michael Sheen speaks on protecting the NHS...

Not been online much recently but this is something I watched yesterday and felt compelled to share. I know the idea of Universal Healthcare isn’t universally popular but I do love my NHS and the knowledge that it is under threat sends a chill through me.


March for the NHS in Bristol Saturday 14th March starting at College Green at 11am. March to Castle Park for rally from about 12.30

Full details of national campaign


The People’s Vote for the NHS’s pledges are:
1. Repeal the Health and Social Care Act. Halt and roll back the privatisation of the NHS. 162 more words


Now you really are joking!

Blood results back from a few weeks ago.  The Medical Centre call me:

“Hello, would you be able to come in and discuss the results with the Doctor?” 92 more words