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An Angry Rant About GPs in the UK.

Getting to see a GP in Britain at the moment  has become little easier than seeking an appointment with a famous person or politician. Appointments have become something like gold dust and oftentimes you may be quite likely to get better on your own before you manage to get a non-emergency appointment. 316 more words

The practice of system leadership: being comfortable with chaos

Original post from The King’s Fund

‘………..By Nick Timmins

Being comfortable with chaos

System leaders often do not see themselves as such, believing that any successes they achieve are due to working behind the scenes rather than leading from the front. 402 more words


US Senator Paul Rand to advise Jeremy Hunt NHS think tank?

Here at the I.M.M. we are always looking at ways to reduce the top rate of tax for our members. Paul Rand or ‘Plonker’ Rand to his friends has demonstrated his thought leadership qualities by revealing a strategically compelling proposition. 291 more words


NHS Deficits at all time high

The NHS trust has hit an all time high deficit of £822m in 2014-15, compared with £115m the previous year. This is a significant increase and highlights the crisis that the NHS is currently under. 105 more words


How do we know if our breakfast cereals are healthy anyway?

A good place to start is with our own breakfast cereal shelves. That’s mine above. 782 more words


Hunt the vomit smell and er diet

over a protracted “hunt the baby vomit smell” which resulted in a full shower and never finding the

offending posset, I thought about the massive effort we put into our baby’s first food but far less on our own. 73 more words

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