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Photo book: 13 pictures to inspire a motorcycle trip around Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang — an area that was once a simple settlement of a few small fishing villages — is rowdy. Though its beginnings were modest, vacation goers couldn’t shake the affect of the seas siren song, and soon the stunning bay and white sand beaches were home to stripped beach towels in bold hues, swanky resorts, and Speedo clad Russians partaking in a multi-city cruises and sweating beer buckets. 220 more words


Travelling solo & exploring new things

I know its been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy doing nothing! A lot of laying on the beach, yoga, going for walks and in general just people watching. 597 more words



Cách trung tâm TP Nha Trang chưa đầy 10km có một nơi được gọi là bãi Tiên. Điểm đến mới mẻ này hiện thu hút rất đông du khách tìm đến đạp xe, leo núi và ngắm biển vào mỗi chiều muộn.  784 more words


Nha Trang – Nơi lý tưởng dành cho du lịch hè

Nha Trang – Nơi lý tưởng dành cho du lịch hè

Với khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp mà thiên nhiên ban tặng, khí hậu thuận lợi cùng bãi biển đẹp trải dài, nên Nha Trang đã trở thành điểm đến du lịch hoàn hảo cho mùa hè cho tất cả mọi người. 302 more words

Quảng Cáo - Rao Vặt

Why come to Vietnam?

After being in Vietnam for three weeks I thought I would pen a few words to paper about our experiences. It has been a lot easier than we expected. 426 more words


Duck to Water

This place is incredible, I know I keep saying the same thing but it really is. Beginning my TESOL adventure here in Vietnam has been one of the most perfect and greatest decisions of my entire life. 391 more words

First Blog

Exploring your own back garden

Whenever anyone asks me what there is to do in Nha Trang I scratch my head and mumble about the beautiful beaches and the diving. I had kind of written Nha Trang off as a destination for sun worshipers and not much else. 527 more words