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Like Celebrities, You Can Use Your Platform For Greater Good

Much was made about the Oscars last Sunday. The hash tag #OscarsSoWhite reflected the absence of color among some of the biggest categories of the night. 489 more words


Lee Daniels Claims "Reverse Racism" Hurt Mo'Nique. Really?

For the last several days, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels have been revisiting a conversation they had privately years ago in public spaces. This rehash of history started with Mo’Nique… 745 more words


Rand Paul's Dad Ron Says Black Caucus Opposes War For Sake Of More Food Stamps

Up until very, very recently, Ron Paul, and his son, Rand Paul, have shared not only surnames,  but similar reputations. Like his father, Rand Paul has been somewhat of an outlier within his party. 724 more words


Despite Criticism Obama Is Right Not To Say "Islamic Terrorists"

Even by their standards, The New York Post was tacky for Friday’s cover, which features a blindfolded President Obama saying, “Islamic terror? I just don’t see it.” To his credit, Obama is correct in his assertion that we shouldn’t refer to terrorist organizations like ISIS as “Islamic” given that doing so legitimizes the notion that the West is at war with Islam itself. 663 more words


Malcolm X 50 Years Later: It's Hard Not to Wonder

When you take a trip to the far north part of Manhattan and visit what had once been the Audobon Ballroom — now redesigned and renamed the… 826 more words


Could Craig Hicks Have Escaped The Hate Crime Accusation So Easily If He Were Muslim?

There’s something to be said about giving a person the benefit of the doubt, particularly in serious matters and especially when it comes to the accusation of committing a hate crime. 951 more words


Obama Was Right To Remind Christians About Their History

The push-back against President Obama over remarks made at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast boil down to “How dare POTUS remind us that Christianity has been used to justify evil acts like every other religion?” 779 more words