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Mary Creagh's Leadership Bid Crashes and Burns on Newsnight

Seven minutes in which she managed to say absolutely nothing at all…

Via @liarpoliticians

BBC's Evan Davis promotes the chimera of '67 borders

Over the years we have taken note here of numerous instances (see some examples here, here and here) in which the BBC has misled its audiences by inaccurately referring to the 1949 Armistice Lines (also known as the ‘Green Line’) as ‘the 1967 border’. 577 more words


Steve Hilton's Trippy Newsnight Segment

Newsnight invited Steve Hilton into the wigwam of trust last night to promote his book “More Human“. Laterz, Legislators…

Guido Fawkes

Richard Dawkins on Palestine, Jews, Science and the Burqa - Newsnight

I respect this man so much. Richard Dawkins is a source of truths for me. He presents the facts of truths and this often angers people who has a problem with it (the truth). 79 more words


Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

“I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”     -Chandler Bing, Friends

Everyone remembers Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, aka the funny guy on the hit TV series Friends. 90 more words

1992 Newsnight Deja Vu: Tories Behind in the Polls, Labour Bookies Favourites

Paxman and Bad Al Campbell feature in this heavily as do rudimentary graphics showing Labour winning. Kelner pontificating, Heffer pessimistic, pundits pessimistically shaking their heads at the Tory campaign. 23 more words


Newsnight Does #MiliFandom, #Cameronettes and Kim KarSturgeon

Newsnight is still, allegedly. the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme…