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The BULLY Project

“Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation.” -‘BULLY’, directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch. 84 more words


Bizzie Monroe - New Music X New Freestyles (Video)

BIZZIE MONROE – Ladies and Gentlemen check out the video from Bizzie Monroe featured in this post. Stay connected to this underground. Bizzie performed during HRSH REYALITEE’s album release party. 176 more words

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street poets nyc

(photo taken from their FaceBook page) Commuting back and forth to work every day by subway, you gain the ability to create an imaginary bubble around yourself to isolate and block out what is going on and who is around you.   347 more words

Art And Culture

The Street Blogger reblogged this on Street Poets NYC and commented:

This is excellent! A writer for litlebigthingsinnyc.com saw Hrsh Reyalitee & Supe The Dude during one of their performances on the subway! Check out the review! Anything that makes you smile. Do not be afraid. You must do what you know is right when it helps the People in a manner that benefits EVERYONE. Do not be afraid. Thank you for this LOVE littlebigthingsinnyc.com, people. Word.

Supe The Dude X Curator/Producer X Feb 28th: The Warm Up

Event Highlight: Feb 28th 2015

StreetPoetsNYC.com is the source.

Supe The Dude has been working with the band Pink Ride to bring you live Jazz and hip hop in a manner that only a Street Poet can. 186 more words

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#Undeniable ::Young Tef::

Know Your Underground:

Young Tef.

Young Tef is a young female from Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY. Living in New York perusing the dream of being an Entrepreneur by ways Of Branding herself in entertainment industry. 204 more words

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Untamed Talent X HRSH REYALITEE X The Poetry Slam Show!!

Good Morning Powerful People!

This event isn’t until May, but we are getting a head start on letting you know that HRSH REYALITEE is hosting and it’s going to be a Poetry Slam, and the… 131 more words

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Feb 6th is ARTLOVHER! Jam with us.

As February is known as the month of Black History & Love, Art Lovher LLC finds it vital to be a space that continues the conversation around #blacklivesmatter. 282 more words

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