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Andrew Bolt applies the sting of racism daily. Yet he denies it's existence when it comes to the constitution.

“You would not think this whinger and peddler of poor-me victimhood was actually the pampered wife of the President of the United States.”

We’ve both felt the sting of those daily slights throughout our entire lives. 364 more words

Andrew Bolt

Post election thoughts

Ed Milliband seemed to be defending Murdoch’s influence in the Brand interviews, saying that “he doesn’t have the power he used to”. Well the Mail and the Sun (most read papers in England) told England to vote Tory…they did. 334 more words

Editorial: Bolt's Right, Taxpayers Should Not Fund SBS's The Backburner, They Should Fund Us

Renown satirist Andrew Bolt has strongly criticised SBS for wasting taxpayers’ money on its satirical page, The Backburner, paying for what he called “utterly unfunny ‘satire’ relentless attacking Liberals, conservatives, Tony Abbott, climate sceptics and any other deviants from Left-wing dogma”. 380 more words

The UnAustralian

Nancy Cartwright From 'The Simpsons' Molded A Bart Simpson Bust As A Gift To Fox

The Simpsons voice actress Nancy Cartwright appeared in Midtown New York on Friday to unveil a sculpture she created as a gift to Fox. With no formal training, aside from a one-hour class she took three years ago, she unveiled… 244 more words

Web Culture

News Corp is embracing BuzzFeed-style, viral video

Just a few months ago, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson went out of his way to take aim at BuzzFeed, the viral content company best known for its listicles, gifs, and videos, and its ability to capture vast amounts of web traffic.  480 more words

My earliest and latest General Election memories

Food for thought:

Who does the Murdoch media back in a UK General Election? Who does The Sun back in a UK General Election?

#goodluck 10 more words

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Rupert Murdoch's Sun Endorses 2 Rival Parties in UK Vote

LONDON — Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid Sun has spoken, urging voters to back David Cameron’s Conservative Party in Britain’s election — unless they’re in Scotland. There, it says, they should vote for the Scottish National Party. 94 more words