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So you're getting old, huh?

You know you’re getting old when the music you used to listen on high school now plays at the “Oldies” radio station.

Pretty lame. :S… 21 more words

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How your brain works while improvising (study)

Sounds like the brain works a little different while playing an improvised piece of music, like in jazz combos. The area responsible for “conscious self monitoring” become less engaged, but also triggers the area responsible for language. 73 more words

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The sound of space (video)

In space no one can hear you scream, but NASA spacecrafts can detect radio and plasma waves and transform it back into sound

The videos show the result from the experiments. 34 more words

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Melody Roads: they produce music while you're driving in it (video)

Ok, this is awesome!
There are some roads in Japan that emits music while you’re driving.

It seems to work just like your regular record player. 77 more words

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Podcast: The Good, The Bad, The Order

Of course the What’s Your Tag? gang was right about The Order:1886 being bad, and we go even further with our psychic powers. Brad uses his go-to soothsayer item while Miles questions Kayla’s upgraded trinket, but Paul sticks with cold calculation to determine the future. 91 more words

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6 ways music can trick customers when shopping

1. If you play loud music, customers will move quicker around the supermarket and that won’t hurt sales volume.

2. On the other hand, if you… 228 more words

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Reader Discussion: Which Game Sequels Were Better Than the Original?

Video game sequels are nothing new, and sometimes that’s the problem. However, some developers like Ubisoft generally fumble on their first attempt, while drastically improving the formula in future installments. 1,259 more words

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