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Podcast: While Miles Is Away...

This week Brad steps in for Miles to try to bring order back to the podcast but he is quickly consumed by the madness that is Kayla and Paul. 83 more words

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Falling Out of Love With the Vita

Dear Vita,

This is so hard to write but I have to tell you that it is over. It’s nothing you did, please don’t blame yourself. 389 more words

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Podcast: One Girl, One Robot

Miles decided sleep was more important than conversation, while Brad was busy hunting bigfoot for the CIA, leaving Kayla and Paul to speak what is left of their minds. 75 more words

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No Raid! Destiny's Latest Letdown

There were and still are questions of what will be coming in the House of Wolves expansion pack but one thing has been made clear – there will be no raid. 272 more words

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Howl At The Moon On May 19th

Let’s get the high fives and ass slaps going, Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, has been given a release date of May 19th! Huzzah!!!! 484 more words

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RIP Lewis

Hey Rad Blog.

I get an excuse to do a news post today. The daily prompt thing says pick the third headline from wherever I get my news from and make sure the headline is in the post. 234 more words

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Podcast: Not The Experience You Imagined

What’s Your Tag? exposes its true love and purpose – Gary Busey. We talk longingly of him and how we are devoted to him. As a side note, Miles and Brad try to talk Paul down about free games charging money but they all unite against Kayla’s lack of participation in… 62 more words

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