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April 20, 2015 (4900-04202015)

Well, exactly as you all knew would be the truth, the discussing woman that everyone realizes can’t keep her vagina and butt-hole closed for a paltry eight hours of the day without having her bitch stuff her hand and or electrical wires into her, the very same butt-ugly bitch always seen laying on her back in her butt-fucking chair waving her hand and putrid face crap in my direct line of view (yes, this bitch IS in fact one of the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices), once again deliberately resumed stuffing her butt-hole full of electrical wires and her bitch’s hand during the 5:00AM hour of this very day today Monday, April 20, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours, and in addition she and her remaining known guilty criminal accomplice friends are also still refusing to electronically disconnect the electronic camera and various other crap from the living aura and various living chakras of soul known to be emanating from MY flesh and bone bodily head and eyes (my crown chakra)which IS in fact still causing swelling and fluid buildup upon my upper left and right eyelids. 457 more words

News And Politics

Was it the salary? Or the publicity?

So I’m sure most of you have probably heard of the recent news of Gravity Payment’s CEO dropping his salary to provide a minimum wage of $70k for all employees.   231 more words

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on 420 president says marijunna for medical use he favors now. bill to do so will never be on desk

and ironic a few days before today for pot heads known as 420 which is the mytstical debucked code cops use for marijuna busts for they have no such code. 133 more words

News And Politics

next test for congress trying to show it can work together finaly confirming lynch as ag at last.

and trying to keep up its rare momentum of working together after both sides agreed to a bill giving them a say in any iraq deal plus also close now to giving the president fast track  power. 118 more words

News And Politics

Different Child

I recognize that I am quite different from many in the global Pan-Afrikan struggle because I have an intimate love affair with truth and reality. I do not always find either to my liking, BUT I am ancestrally convinced that these are the only legitimate bases for creating practical spiritual, social, economic, and political change for the masses of the people and also that both fantasy and deception (the most traded commodities in key sectors of the movement today) have been proven inadequate for that purpose.