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What other real life heroes do you know / have met?

Here is a quick snippet story that I felt was very touching and I liked the ending quote from the daughter.

For those that may not know, this story is following the crash of TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 into the a Taipei river.   237 more words

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daugard about to pay deadwood gamblers when he signs the bill for new games .and

and soon gamblers who come to deadwood will wind up being able to try their luck at craps and roulete and keno instead of just the vidoe lottery and card games. 80 more words

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disaster diverted as house at the very last minute keeps homeland security going licks wounds now

and after a bill that would keep the homeland security funded for three weeks from the house due to the tea party and conservatives voting it down much to boemer dismay as the senate wound up passing a clean bill.  149 more words

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David Cameron - Our Responsibility

David Cameron – Our Responsibility:

Jihadi John must be extracted, and he is our responsibility.

Fascists here and in Europe are laughing all the way to their meetings in growing numbers, and making him, and others like him, their heroes. 9 more words

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