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daugard may be wind up not signing the teen minium wage bill after all starting to think its wrong.

and even though sadly in the end for teens in south dakota under 18 in the end even though now word has it governor daugard is looking and taking his time over if he will sign the minium wage bill that was passed to make teens exempt from the raise mostly the legislature not liking voters said raise the minium wage and thus with this trying to at least gut it for teens. 80 more words

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Tory MP claims Astrology can solve the UK's health service crisis

The Tory MP for Bosworth in Leicestershire, David Tredinnick, has claimed that the NHS crisis could be solved if doctors and nurses used astrology. Unfortunately this is not a joke. 852 more words

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We should all be eating a 'pro-vegetarian' diet

A recent study has concluded that we should all be eating what they call a ‘pro-vegetarian’ diet, that is a diet where 70 per cent of the food comes from plant sources. 216 more words

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"Some in Iowa view Bush skeptically"

Regarding Some in Iowa GOP view Bush skeptically, it’s a shame that Americans and Iowans in particular will never get a clue as to how they are being played. 359 more words

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When The Moment Is Right: A Conservative Coup In The House?

JD Winteregg had a pretty funny campaign ad in his unsuccessful run against John Boehner in 2014.  You might remember the “Electile Dysfunction” video.

Winteregg did a lot better than many expected, but the power of incumbency, especially for the Speaker of the House was too much to overcome. 359 more words

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Tom declares 8th Wonder of the Modern World

Tom has asked the existing 7 Wonders of the Modern World to step aside for the clear eighth wonder.  While the 7 wonders are beautiful and well constructed, they are overmatched by the 8th wonder.  76 more words

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