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May 24, 2015 (4918-05242015)

During the late evening hours of the day of Friday, May 22, 2015 currently GMT – 07 Hours, an individual from an online dating website personally contacted me via the dating URL, during which time (meaning during our text conversation), on at least three completely separate and different instances, the individual personally expressed sincere desire to spend a night with me in a personal (sexual) capacity. 1,833 more words

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FHRITP Script Flip Public Service Announcement

We like to flip the script from time to time and Shauna Hunt from CITY-TV did exactly that, beautifully. She is a reporter with CITY-TV in Toronto and was doing a live stand-up outside a Toronto FC event when an idiot leaned into the microphone and entered the Pantheon of Idiocy. 585 more words

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Islamic State adheres to tenets of Muhammud

When our President exclaims ISIL not to be “Islamic”,don’t believe a word of it. Obama is twisting the reality of the tenets of Muhammad to generally spare Islam a bad image here in America. 205 more words

News And Politics

In the UAE today!

Read this news on the headlines today!

This is a great move by the UAE Government and it’s an exciting opportunity for companies like ours.


senate leaves town with the patriot act in chaos not able to pass renewal yet.

and thus congress for the first time ever and thanks to an alliance of the dems and rand paul who filebustered  a bill to renew some parts of the act including letting the nsa continue gathering of phone records.  115 more words

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