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Antipodean Reflections on America's 4th July Celebrations, 2015

This may be one of the most ironic Independence Day anniversaries celebrated by our American cousins across the pond. With the recent media driven controversies continuing to rage over the public display Southern Cross flag, an observer may well rhetorically question the sincerity of this year’s celebrations, at least among those who declare themselves to be patriotic. 811 more words

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Announcing Campaign to "Save Southern Heritage"

Earlier today we wrote a brief reflection on recent developments in the ongoing assault on America’s Southern heritage, its symbols and icons. The latest campaign to remove the Southern Cross from the public square, eradicate celebrations of Confederate history, and the continued defamation of Southern heritage, all of this is little more than a cover for the incessant leftist attack on traditional local identity – particularly one that stands in sharp contrast to the vacuous nihilism of the modern liberal order. 289 more words

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Part Of An Ongoing Vaccination Argument

I’m a proponent of vaccination, simply because of decades and decades of demonstration that it works. So I approve of the State of California’s mandate on vaccination. 538 more words

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Game of ...

From PJ Media: First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. “Game of Thrones” is not art. It is “Dungeons and Dragons” crossed with Playboy magazine, with a dash of “Days of Our Lives” thrown in.

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Definition Of "Militia"

In military parlance “regulars” refers to troops in an established, full-time force like a national army. “Irregulars” refers to part-time or on-call troops in a militia or temporary force. 126 more words

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